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Your Security. Our Priority.

Network Assurance

Network Assurance is more than intrusion detection. It includes components of IDS, IPS, Data Loss prevention, and the latest technology to identify and expose malicious activities that pose a security risk to your business.

Managed Network Assurance from BALLAST can monitor and block any data flows with malicious intent. Through our managed services operation, BALLAST maintains disciplined processes and expert staff that provide carefully tuned monitoring and oversight including detection of:

  • Malware

  • Insider Threats

  • Sensitive Data Trasmission

  • Unauthorized Network Communication

Our team of experienced security analysts monitor your environment 24/7 to identify and prevent cyber threats in real-time. Executive and technical reports keep you informed so you know exactly how we’re remediating potential problems and protecting your data. including:

  • Real-time Monitoring & Data Analytics

  • Executive & Technical Reporting

  • Threat Detection Alerts

  • Vulnerability Reporting

  • Behavioral Monitoring

Cyber SOC

Security Operations on Demand

Complete security Monitoring is led by deep intelligence on the threats you face and is not limited by how you operate. We deliver constant real-time monitoring for threat activity across your infrastructure, whatever it looks like.

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About Us

Our experienced, highly trained team has proven knowledge in every major category of IT, compliance, and Cyber Security. We use our knowledge skills and abilities to better serve you

Our Mission

BALLAST helps enable its customers to drive positive business outcomes by becoming more secure, agile and efficient through the use of smart people, innovative processes, and technology.


Utilizing methodologies that are refined by decades of experience, across multiple disciplines. BALLAST transcends barriers between legacy silos and consistently delivers premium values.

CISO On Demand

When you need expertise, you need it right away. BALLAST’s CISO On Demand puts world-class information security expertise in your organization at a moment’s notice.

Put a CISO on staff, without putting a CISO on staff. With BALLAST’s Virtual CISO you can get expert advice, guidance, and analysis for anything, whether it is negotiating with a vendor, filling out a third party security request, or building an entire security program including:

  • Security Program Development

  • Leadership and coaching

  • Committee leadership or participation

  • Compliance management and audit stewardship
  • Evaluating security technologies (objectively)
  • Negotiating with vendors

When it comes to protecting your enterprise from Cyber attacks, you need Cyber Security experts with real world experience. Our team has hands on experience all having held positions in the government, military, Fortune 100 corporations and start ups all over the world. Our augmentation services include:

  • Interim Cyber support

  • Surge Capacity

  • Incident Management and Response

  • Mentoring

  • Audit and Review

Staff Augmentation

At BALLAST, we understand that sometimes success is reliant on the ability to secure the resources with the expertise needed to implement a successful strategy. Our mission is to align with your business objectives and increase your probability for success.

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